Infant Feeding Support

‘Whether you are breastfeeding, bottle feeding, combination feeding, pumping, or introducing solids, all new parents, at some point, feel overwhelmed by the mass of conflicting advice on how to feed their baby. We are all about finding the strategies to make this easier for everyone, regardless of the challenges they may be facing’

Melody Robinson, founder of All Things Birth & Beyond 

We offer evidence-based information to support you in finding a person-centred & unique way to feed your baby in a way that is going to work for you & your family. 

With specific qualifications in lactation & the physiology of feeding, we can also offer tailored support on pumping & paced responsive-bottle feeding to support your baby’s feeding journey.  Together we will find a way that feels right for you. 

As a starting point, we will observe your baby feeding & offer guidance to support you with any challenges you might be experiencing.

We will also provide links & signposting to additional information that might be helpful to you along your feeding journey.

The way in which babies feed is complex.  Sometimes a baby might be tongue-tied, and sometimes that tongue-tie can impact on how efficiently a baby transfers milk from the breast/bottle.  Sometimes there are other influences that impact on how a baby’s tongue functions, and can also impact on how efficiently they feed.

By having a comprehensive tongue function assessment that is internationally recognised and conducted by a fully qualified and specialist practitioner, you can be assured of tailored support that is specific to your baby and their needs.  A full assessment will take approximately 2 hours.

If you are not ready to book a 1:1 session, you might want to start with our No-BS Newborn Feeding video series.

Infant Feeding Consultation

A virtual appointment with Melody Robinson to support your baby’s optimal feeding, regardless of whether baby is bottle/, breast/, or combination-fed

£45/1 hour session (on-line only)


Comprehensive Infant Feeding Consultation

Claire Wells (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) or Melody Robinson (Infant Feeding Coach) will have an in-person appointment at your home for up to 2 hours, where they may:

  • observe you and your baby/babies during a complete breastfeeding/bottle feed
  • manually examine your breasts
  • conduct a tongue function assessment for your baby, using the hold standard Hazelbaker assessment tool
  • support with optimising position and attachment
  • demonstrate specific exercises to include in your baby’s daily rhythm
  • discuss protecting your milk supply 
  • talk through bottle options and paced responsive feeding, if necessary
  • provide chat support for up to 1 week to provide relevant information and ongoing support

£111/session +45p/mile – in person (York and Surrounds)

Do you need more information before you can be sure which service is best for you and your baby? Send us a message and we will be in touch!

Mel is an absolute hero! She single handedly saved our breastfeeding journey! She identified the cause of our problems, gave us the necessary tools to keep going until we could get treatment with the cranial osteopath in the morning, arranged the rental of a hospital grade pump and supported us via message whenever we needed! 

Absolutely anyone who needs breastfeeding support (and even if you don’t) should reach out to Mel, wherever you are in the world; this is a great age of technology and this allows her to spread her gift to as many people as possible!


Melody Robinson

I’m a mum of two, Doula UK full-spectrum Doula, BFI accredited BFC, Holistic Sleep Coach (Dip), Advanced Birth & Beyond Practitioner (BA. Hons, UofW), Reiki Master, trauma-informed Birth & Matrescence Coach and believer in YOU! 

I help pregnant women and mothers transition through their new, and ever changing roles, so that they feel fully supported and empowered in their monumental transformation that is motherhood…

Claire Wells

I’m a mum of 5 and have been a Doula for 10 years, a volunteer Leader (breastfeeding counsellor) with La Leche League since 2003, sitting on LLL’s Council of Directors for 4 years.
I am passionate about supporting parents in their right to be able to make informed choices for them and their family. With up-to-date research based information I offer support to enable families to feel confident in the choices they make and the support they receive.

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